Machetes and Sheaths

Based on our missions travel overseas, we found the Ralph Martindale line of machetes made in Great Britain to be used extensively around the world.  We have seen their products in Central America, South America and Asia.  So, we imported their No. 2 Golok, which is a standard issue item for the British SAS.


The problem was, however, we could not find a suitable sheath, so we designed our own.

Black Sheath with Golok


CT Sheath This tactical machete sheath will hold most 12-13″ machetes. Currently in Black or Coyote Tan, this sheath has a Kydex liner with a drain hole and tie-down eyelets at the bottom. The interior Kydex sleeve dimensions are approximately 13 inches x 2.25 inches. The front pouch will hold a small file to keep the blade sharp. There are Molle attachment points on the front and rear of the sheath.CT Sheath with Golok Sheath with Ruler


The sheath is $35. If you would like to order a No.2 Golok, the price is $39.95.   The Martindale  6 inch 2nd cut Farmer’s Own Reaper File is $5.00 locally.  The sheath and Golok are available on Amazon at for the sheath and for the Golok.  If you are in the Marietta area, please email us at or call us at 770-627-2633.